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Sometimes an issue can be resolved in mins

We offer a few options for bill pay

- You may call the office and provide a credit card

- You may login onto http://romasyrups.com/payment.html to pay a bill

- You may notify the office to come by your location to pick up a payment

- We can setup wire transfers

- Lastly you can mail the payment to us

You should check your product levels daily, call the office at your earliest to place an order

We will put you on a call schedule

Our drivers will check your inventory for you

Lastly, as with any business, please ensure your invoices are always paid on time

You are currently out of co2, replace the co2 cylinder with a full and call the office to order a replacement

Check the power outlet that the carbonator motor is plug into, make sure it is plugged in and has electricity.

If electricity is confirmed and the plug is in plug, notify the office for service

If you notice water dripping out, call office to setup an appointment for service

If you have water spraying out, locate the water feed, turn off water, unplug the carbonator motor and turn off the gas. Call office for service

- Check the temperature of the soda is it cold?

- Is there about 6 - 8 inches of ice on the cold plate?

- Is the co2 running low?

- If all checked notify the office for service

- Check the beer gas level is it running low? change cylinder

There are several factors that would cause beer to be foamy

- Check the temperature, is it too warm, or even too cold. Ideal temperature would be 36-38 degrees

- Dirt, when was the last time the lines were cleaned

- Pressure, either too high or too low, check with your distributor or call our office

- Glassware, excessive sanitizer can cause beer to loose carbonation and cause extreme amount of foam

- Beer sankey/coupler issue, try replacing the sankey/coupler

- How old is the actual beer?

Try connecting that keg to a working beer line and see if you have the same results

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